How to Write an Impactful Resume Introduction Statement: Best Tips and Examples

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Your resume introduction statement, also known as an objective statement, summary statement, or profile statement, is one of the most important parts of your resume. It’s often the first section that recruiters and hiring managers read, so it’s crucial to make a strong first impression.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain what a resume introduction statement is, why it’s important, and provide actionable tips and examples to help you craft an engaging opening for your resume.

What is a Resume Introduction Statement?

A resume introduction statement is a short, targeted paragraph at the beginning of your resume that highlights your biggest accomplishments, skills, and professional attributes. It summarizes who you are, what value you bring to the table, and what makes you an ideal candidate for the job.

It serves as an elevator pitch or “commercial” that sells the hiring manager on why you deserve an interview. A strong statement will spark interest and compel the reader to continue reviewing your resume.

Why is a Resume Introduction Important?

Including a powerful introduction statement at the top of your resume provides several benefits:

  • Makes a Great First Impression: The intro statement is often the first thing the hiring manager sees, so an engaging opening can grab their attention right away and make you stand out.
  • Communicates Your Value: It concisely highlights your most relevant qualifications and selling points tailored to the target role.
  • Focuses the Reader: It tells the hiring manager at a glance what you’re about and helps them understand why you’re well-suited to the job.
  • Serves as a Summary: For busy recruiters who may not read your full resume, it summarizes who you are and what you bring to the table.
  • Provides SEO Value: Keywords and phrases used in your statement can help increase your resume’s visibility in applicant tracking systems.
  • Acts as a Foundation: It sets the tone for the rest of your resume and keeps the focus on your most relevant skills and accomplishments.

In short, an introduction statement is a chance to put your best foot forward. Taking the time to craft a focused, compelling opening paragraph will give your resume an edge.

How to Write a Great Resume Introduction Statement

Follow these tips to create an engaging, impactful intro statement for your resume:

1. Focus on the Employer’s Needs

  • Research the job description and highlight skills, achievements, and certifications they require.
  • Identify qualifications that make you a great match for the role.
  • Align your intro statement with what they are looking for in a candidate.

2. Lead With Your Biggest Selling Points

  • Spotlight your most impressive, relevant accomplishments and qualifications near the beginning of the statement.
  • Draw attention to what makes you uniquely qualified, like specialized expertise, awards won, or high-impact projects delivered.
  • Hook the reader right away by highlighting your standout attributes.

3. Be Concise

  • Keep it short and scannable. 2-4 lines or 50 words maximum.
  • Use concise sentence structure and avoid extraneous details.
  • Get straight to the point about your top skills, experience, and value.

4. Use Numbers and Metrics

  • Quantify your achievements with numbers and data like percentages, dollar amounts, stats, etc.
  • This adds tangible proof of your capabilities. For example: “Increased sales by 30% over 2 years”.

5. Showcase Transferable Skills

  • Even if you’re changing careers, highlight transferable skills from other roles or industries that apply.
  • This demonstrates you can apply your abilities to the new job.

6. Customize for Each Job

  • Tweak your statement slightly to match each role you apply for.
  • Use related keywords and emphasize different aspects of your background per job.

7. Use Active Voice and Varied Verbs

  • Active sentence structure engages the reader better than passive voice.
  • Use power verbs like led, created, managed, secured, optimized, etc.

8. Edit and Refine

  • Write a draft then look for ways to tighten it up or re-order for maximum impact.
  • Double check for spelling and grammar errors which can make you seem careless.

Types of Resume Introduction Statements

There are a few different formats you can use to structure your opening statement:

Resume Objective

A resume objective focuses directly on how your skills and experience align with the target job or company. It states the specific role or field you’re applying for to show you’re a great match.

Example: Digital Marketing Specialist with 5 years experience running SEO/SEM campaigns. Seeking to leverage proven strategy and analytics skills to grow brand awareness as a Marketing Coordinator at XYZ Company.

Resume Summary Statement

A resume summary statement provides a brief overview of your biggest selling points and top qualifications as a candidate. It highlights your most relevant strengths without stating a specific job goal.

Example: Digital marketing expert with 5 years experience and proven results driving brand visibility through SEO/SEM initiatives. Leveraged data analysis and campaign optimization to increase organic traffic by 30%. Recipient of 2019 “Top Performer” award.

Resume Profile

A resume profile is similar to a summary statement, but written in paragraph form. It can provide more details about your background and skills in a narrative format. Like the summary, it avoids naming a specific role.

Example: Seasoned digital marketing specialist with over 5 years experience running comprehensive SEO/SEM campaigns from ideation to execution. Consistently meet KPIs by leveraging data-driven optimization tactics that increase brand visibility. Received company-wide “Top Performer” award in 2019 for increasing organic traffic by 30% over 2 years. Bring a strategic mindset combined with hands-on experience driving quantifiable results across the customer journey.

Resume Branding Statement

A personal branding statement markets your value like a brand tagline. It’s typically just 1-2 sentences that capture your professional identity or what sets you apart.

Example: Visibility driver and brand strategist who fuels business growth through targeted digital campaigns and analytics-led optimization.

Resume Qualifications Summary

This format highlights your most relevant qualifications for the role, such as specialized skills, software expertise, achievements, credentials, education, and languages. It provides an at-a-glance overview of your suitability.


Digital Marketing Leader

  • 5+ years overseeing SEO/SEM campaigns
  • 30% organic traffic increase in 2 years
  • Google Analytics and AdWords Certified
  • Fluent in English and Spanish
  • BA in Marketing, State University

Strong Resume Introduction Statement Examples

Now let’s look at real resume objective statement examples for inspiration:


Energetic marketer seeking a role as Marketing Coordinator at ABC Company, bringing 5+ years experience coordinating campaigns from concept to execution, managing project plans, and collaborating cross-functionally to drive results. Increased social media engagement by 45% for two brands in the last year through data-informed content strategies.

This example works because:

  • It states the candidate’s specific job goal (Marketing Coordinator role).
  • It quantifies an impressive achievement (45% increased engagement).
  • It highlights relevant transferable skills like project management and cross-functional coordination.

Customer Service / Retail

Retail store manager with 5 years experience motivating teams, delivering excellent customer service, and consistently driving sales goals. Seeking to leverage proven ability to build rapport with customers and staff to provide exceptional experiences as a Customer Service Supervisor.

This example works because:

  • It names the exact job title the candidate is targeting.
  • It highlights relevant retail management experience and skills in boosting sales, managing staff, and customer service.
  • It explains how the candidate’s abilities would make them an ideal Customer Service Supervisor.


Compassionate registered nurse with 6 years experience providing whole person care to diverse patient populations in fast-paced hospital settings. Seeking to join ABC Hospital as an ICU Nurse to apply bedside manner expertise, technical skills, and commitment to safety standards for delivering excellent patient outcomes.

This example works because:

  • It names the exact position and company the candidate is interested in.
  • It highlights bedside experience caring for different patients.
  • It shows how the RN’s expertise suits the ICU nurse role at the target hospital.

Information Technology

Solutions-focused IT professional with over 8 years managing enterprise infrastructure, networks, and system security. Aiming to leverage extensive technical expertise in information security tools and protocols to improve defences as an Information Security Engineer at XYZ Corp.

This example works because:

  • It summarizes extensive relevant IT experience managing infrastructure and security.
  • It shows how these skills make the candidate a great fit for the Information Security Engineer job.
  • It names the specific company they want to work for.


Innovative manufacturing engineer with 6 years experience designing machine prototypes, leading product testing, and project management. Seeking role as R&D Engineer at ABC Aerospace to apply solid engineering knowledge and drive innovative solutions for complex projects.

This example works because:

  • It outlines relevant engineering skills in design, testing, and project management.
  • It explains why the candidate’s experience suits the R&D Engineer role.
  • It shows a clear career goal tailored to the reader’s company (ABC Aerospace).


CPA-licensed financial analyst with proven ability to evaluate financial data, minimize risk, and enhance business performance. Seeking Finance Manager role at XYZ Global Inc. to leverage 5+ years experience streamlining accounting processes through data analysis and documented cost-reduction techniques.

This example works because:

  • It highlights the most important qualification – CPA license.
  • It summarizes relevant experience in financial analysis and performance improvement.
  • It aligns these skills with the Finance Manager role at a specific company.


Recent business management graduate with internship experience in sales operations, data analysis, and client support. Seeking an entry-level Sales Coordinator role at ABC Company to apply academic expertise and previous administrative experience. Passionate about delivering excellent client service and rapport-building. President’s Honors Student all 4 years with 3.8 GPA.

This example works because:

  • It highlights specialized academic training in business management.
  • It lists relevant internships and administrative skills.
  • It shows enthusiasm for the entry-level Sales Coordinator role.
  • It includes impressive facts like graduation honors and high GPA.

Career Change

Human resources professional pivoting into healthcare after 8 years overseeing recruiting, talent management, and employee relations initiatives in the tech sector. Currently pursuing a Health Administration certificate. Seeking to apply leadership, relationship-building, and conflict resolution skills as a Patient Services Coordinator at ABC Hospital.

This example works because:

  • It explains the career change pivot into healthcare and shows related training.
  • It highlights transferable HR skills that suit the patient services role.
  • It names the desired hospital and position.

Key Takeaways

  • Lead with your biggest selling points that show value to the employer.
  • Be concise – 2-4 lines or 50 words maximum.
  • Use numbers, data, and real examples where possible.
  • Align your top skills and achievements with what the hiring manager is looking for.
  • Customize your statement for each job you apply to.
  • Use active voice and power verbs.
  • Proofread for errors that can cost you the interview.

By mastering your resume introduction, you can grab the reader’s attention and stand out from the pack. Set yourself up for success by crafting a memorable opening statement that sells your value and proactively shows you’re a great match for the role.